– MDG –

Today I’ve been at work at Details and we’ve listened to Madonna the whole day, I’ve forgotten how many great hits she actually has.. She has now launched a collection of sunglasses together with Dolce & Gabbana. The glasses aren’t really my style but not too bad.. Different styles and sizes with the letters MDG on the side. The ‘M’ is for Madonna of course and covered in bling!


Rumour has it that Stefano Pilati might be leaving YSL.. Apparently his collections aren’t pulling it off and the sales numbers are declining. Pilati has been at YSL since fall 2008, wonder who will take his place..?

Naomi & Pilati
” I never touch the idea of sex. Sex one of the most complicated things; it’s too subjective. And if you have subjectivity, you have to balance it out – with you skills, your knowledge, the values of your brand. Sex for me is personal.
-Stefano Pilati designer for Yves Saint Laurent on why he’ll never be as sex crazed as Tom Ford


Vogue Nippon June 2010

I’ve been super busy this week, sorry for not updating for a while. Not only did I get strep throat last monday and had to eat penicillin, but it’s also been my first week at Björn Borg! The first days I was completely dead after work, and was in bed at nine o’clock at night.. There was just so much new stuff to take in, lots of new things to learn but at the same time so exciting! I already feel at home at the office and the colleges whom I work with are so clever and inspiring!So as you can figure, my weekend will be calm, calmer, calmest!!


See what amazingly beautiful pictures are in the May issue of Vogue Paris. The photographer, Steven Klein, must be the hottest in the fashion world right now. The model, Lily Donaldson really looks the best in his pictures. Wow!


Just received a mail from YSL.com. Check out all the new, and super fly, mens accessories!


Today has been a very fun but busy day at work! So much people in town on a sunny saturday! And I just keep finding more and more favorites among our sunglasses-assortment at Details… Here are some of my favorites..

Dior, my number 1!!

– SIH ’10 –

Schools out!… The last exam last thursday went well I think. I’m so looking forwards to my internship! But must admit that I’m nervous 😉 The last night with my class mates was a real hit, first ‘before party’ at the school, then party at K-Karaoke (sang until my voice was gone), then after-party at Ohlssons on Odengatan. I sure am going to miss the gang…


Today is a study-day, my last exam is tomorrow. Feels good knowing I’m almost done with school now! My stomach just started to rumble and that’s when I realized my fridge is empty. How do you make soup out of screws and nails? Speaking of nails.. Check out these Acne shoes!!