Beautiful pictures by Karl Lagerfeld for Numero Homme.


Vogue Nippon Beauty August 2010
Vogue Nippon September 2010

..Very similar models.. Very similar makeup..


Yesterday, dad, me and my (big) littlebrother went to visit my (small) littlebrother at Ängsholmen where he is at a confirmation-camp. Haven’t been there since I was at the same camp 9 years ago. It smelled of wood and salt water


A young Kate Moss

I love getting a nice suntan! It means you can dump all makeup and go for a real natural look. Freakles on the nose and a little blush on the cheeks. I use a cacao colored blush from MAC. Something that feels important to me is also having smooth feet and hands, personally I love L’Occitanes products. Finish off with a natural colored nailpolish and the summer will be all yours!


Today I felt really destroyed by my grass-allergies.. And since the weather today doesn’t let me sunbathe and jump in the pool, I’ve mostly been resting inside. The best thing is that I’m never alone when I’m in bed…


What do you think about Hermes autumn campaign? Personally I’m not a fan of this one, usually I am though. I don’t think it has real ‘Hermes feeling’ to it.. A bit too exaggerated, who goes fishing for bags..?