A new favorite is Maniamania. A jewelery brand by a stylist and an art-director who both used to work for RUSSH Magazine. The first collection ‘Real life awaits us’ consists of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earings. The collection is inspired by the movie The Holy Mountain from 1973 and is modern, yet it feels like old treasures… They have a super nice campaign as well!


Givenchy’s Couture collection for autumn 2010 is so divine! Beautiful detail, magical dresses!


The best thing with finishing a bit earlier from work is that you get lots of time over to hang with your friends! Yesterday I met up with Olivia and tonight with the girls from the reception. Olivia and I sat in the sun until we both felt like we got sunstroke in the heat.. How do you like this W Magazine cover with beautiful Lara, Kate and Daria..? I think it has a good summer feel to it, natural and freckled!

– MÖJA –

Last weekend, Thomas and I were on Möja (an island in the archipelago) at some friend’s place. It is sooo beautiful in the archipelago! Warm and lovely, much better weather than in the city. A swim in the ocean, a glass of wine on the dock and a beautiful sunset makes it all so worth it dispite the mosquitoes and ticks. So now I’ve started working on my tan!!


Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior

Now I’m back in the receprion at RNB. It’s quite empty here since many have gone on vacation, but it sure is nice to be back and work for a bit 😉
I was reading on NKs homepage to update myself with what’s happened within the company and saw that NK has opened a new Hat department! I think a hat is a great accessorie and can really ‘spice up’ an outfit, maybe I should get a hat for my vacation…


Everyone’s talking about Lola. Madonnas daughter,Lola. She has just started her own collection called (surprise….) ‘Material Girl’… AND she’s just started blogging. Personally I’m not very impressed by the sight. Take a look yourself www.materialgirlcollection.com …A 13 year-lds blog in a nutshell.


Summer! Today is the last day at the Björn Borg office for a while, but I’ll be back in the middle of August. This ten-week period has been so much fun, and educating. I’ve really loved it here, and it feels good knowing that I have another ten weeks to look forwards to… Now I have another job on the schedual for a month, then two weeks of vacation. Would be so lovely to get away for a while, to a place with sun, white beaches, ice cream and sprinkles..
Hope you have a wonderful weekend dear readers! Ciao for now!


It wasn’t really love at first sight, more like love at third sight… I think these shoes look very exciting, I like the use of the different materials and colors. Furthermore, they look stable and comfortable!