12 svar till “– LEAVING ON A JETPLANE –

  1. Piia skriver:

    >I´m so jealous! Hope you take a lot of pictures.Have a great time!!xxPiiahttp://aninspirationburstuponher.blogspot.com/

  2. David Toms skriver:

    >Have a fabulous time! A weekend in Paris! How luxuriuos!

  3. Lucy skriver:

    >Nice. nice. nice, VERY NICE! ♥

  4. Andrés Corella skriver:

    >Beautiful pictures..but haha the first one with the houses reminded me of a puzzle I was trying to make with my mother (cause it was huge) and half way through after a couple of hourse we realized the pieces in the puzzle were wrong xD..Yeah we almost cried hahaxxAndyThe Black Label

  5. Forever Boho skriver:

    >Amazing pictures!! *Ah! And don’t forget to enter the Vagabond Van Giveaway on my blog. You can win a beautiful scarf and an earring of your choice. Good luck!!Peace & Lovewww.foreverboho.com

  6. rachel is a dreamer skriver:

    >bon voyage! have a lovely time.peace & love.

  7. Mo Pie, Please skriver:

    ><— JEALOUS! Safe travels!

  8. annamaria skriver:

    >have the BEST time!!

  9. Our Youth skriver:

    >lovely photos. enjoy paris x

  10. Marina skriver:

    >A weekend in Paris! wow !!!!xx Marina

  11. Aldina skriver:

    >Hope you are having a good time in Paris. It's a lovely city…wish I could go.AldinaCircle of Design Fashion Illustration

  12. Miki Gumia skriver:

    >Have a happy trip! anyways I recently moved to my new blog http://chicstylista.wordpress.com/ I just want to thank you for the nice comments you've posted to my old blog, I hope you will subscribe to my new blog, xoxo miki of chicstylista


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