12 svar till “– ZADIG & VOLTAIRE –

  1. Queen Mother skriver:

    >Like it 🙂

  2. Piia skriver:

    >I´m really liking the rock n´roll style!Piiahttp://aninspirationburstuponher.blogspot.com/

  3. Nicole Richie Anonymous skriver:

    >Love these as well. Specially the first one xx

  4. BB de la Branche skriver:

    >Agreeeeeed ! God yes its perfect !

  5. David Toms skriver:

    >Skulls can really work well sometimes!

  6. Jess skriver:

    >that top picture is FIT xxxxx

  7. Mo Pie, Please skriver:

    >Nice stuff, I like!

  8. karo skriver:

    >lovee that kind of tshirt!!!xxx

  9. Ellie skriver:

    >You kind of read my mind! I love rock n' roll like tee shirts and have been looking to add more to my collection! I'll definitely be checking out their collection next. -Ellie

  10. Cinderella's Closet skriver:

    >I've always been a skulls kind of girl. Love Z&V.http://blog.cinderellasclosetnyc.com/

  11. RAW Fashion Magazine skriver:

    >Wicked clothes very rock-n-chicwww.rawfashionmagazine.com


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