specsaversThis is Josefin. On monday she moves to L.A to chase her dreams. I’m so proud of her, and so proud to be her friend. I wish her all the luck in the world!

This is us at an event for Specsavers at Berns earlier this week. We enjoyed the photobooth to say the least!


AURA_FOTOToday, me and two colleagues went for an Auraphotography at Vattumannen in Stockholm. You sit down on a chair and place your hands on metal handprints on a table infront of you and just look into the camera. Today, my aura turned out mostly green and blue. Green stands for love, nature, growing, honesty, healing and sensitivity. Blue stands for truth, wisdom, calmness, spirituality, magic and mystery.


HMThis is my favorite look from the H&M Studio collection. The collection was released in stores yesterday, so if you hurry and you’re lucky, you might get your hands on it!



summerdreaminScrolling away on my favorite tumblrs and summer dreaming..


light_fallIt’s already September and the air is getting much crispier and colder. As I said before I want to keep my wardrobe quite light this fall, light in the meaning of colors of course.. Here are three of my favorite choices to cozy up in.

Beige and pink , H&M          Light blue, Esprit