emily-vogue-coverStunning and curly Emily DiDonato is my new cover crush. I love this natural look and big hair! This is the January 2014 cover for Vogue Turkey. Gorgeous!


beachThis is what I’ve been up to lately; I drink 2 or 3 coconuts per day (super good for you). I read Styleby magazine or my books. I tan. And I buy colorful accessories such as this handmade ‘clutch’ since I think it’s summer for real already..


20131227 20131227 20131227New shirt Noir & Blanc, see more from the latest collection here!
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1.Clutch from Prada
2.Latest issue of Vogue UK
3.Elizabeth Arden tax free shopping
4.My new headphones from MOLAMI (Molami Plica) with the most amazing sound!! You probably didn’t know that I cant use the small ‘earplug’ kind of headphones, so I’ve tried my share of big ones and these are by far the best!


Kiehls1 kiehls2


Merry (early) X-mas to ME! I’ve treated myself to the latest issue of Acne Paper, and my favorite shampoo, conditioner and facial moisturizer from Kiehl’s. It’s simply the best. These are also the last things I will fit into my luggage, in one hour I will be at the airport, then off to Thailand!



I need to breath! There is just sooo much you have to do before X-mas (and sooo little time, haha). It’s the same thing every year and I never learn that I should start earlier with the X-mas shopping.. But now I also have to fit in packing (going to Thailand on Saturday), meeting all family and friends before going, and getting everything ready at work for a two week vacation. This week has been crazy, I haven’t even had time for Yoga. The bad part is, when I get this stressed out I become a Drama Queen, and everything gets so much worse than it really is. Hope you enjoy my dramatic inspiration!


double clawring
You probably know by now that I’m crazy about silver rings. This is one of my favorites by Maria Nilsdotter. The double claw ring in silver.
Going into her store in Stockholm is like being a child in a candy store – AMAZING!


I’m following a New Zealand based store on Instagram called @mishkaboutique, mostly because of the great inspiration pics they have.. Today, they posted these sandals by Sol-Sanda. I love them! Not only are they flat and look super comfortable, but they are in LEO!! Only problem is, it looks like Sol-Sanda is hard to get hold of in Europe, but I’m up for the hunt!


blkgold blkgold2

Just bumped into Diesel Black Gold Pre Fall 2014 collection on This is as much rock n’ roll as it gets! I love the prints, and the belts! The details are just perfect. ROCK ON DIESEL!



Who is usually on my ‘cover crushes’? Miss Moss of course! And here she is again, this time on the cover of Play Boy Magazine’s 60’s anneversity issue. If there is someone that can pull off this ironic bunny outfit, it’s Kate. Here photographed by Mert & Marcus.