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Shirt Acne           Shorts H&M       Shoes Hope



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From Stockholm to Bangkok. Sometimes when I think about it, I think it’s amazing how we can fall asleep in a cold snowy Stockholm and wake up in a warm, sunny Bangkok.


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My lovely colleagues gave me these early birthday gifts yesterday. Believe it or not, but tomorrow I will be 27! …And since I’m leaving to Bangkok today, I got these yesterday. They know me so well by now. I love everything ‘Parisian’ and love having candles light in my apartment so what could be better than a book about Paris street style and a candle snuffer?


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Denim shirt Monki     Jeans & jacket Acne




Here is a collage of pics from last thursdays Conscious collection fashion show at H&M. For my second exit I wore a beautiful nude pink dress with studs and beads from the Exclusive collection, all the dresses from the collection are gorgeous. Hope I can get hold of one when it’s in stores on April 4th.


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This is my friend (and colleague) Ingrid Ludvigson. After working with her for more than a year, it’s hard not to notice her unique style and love for dresses. I can honestly say, I have never seen her in a pair of pants. Ingrid shows up to work in stunning dresses everyday and it’s made me so curious so I had to dig into her closet. And this is what I found.. 127 dresses!

Why only dresses?
Because it’s comfortable and I feel well dressed for any occasion. It’s also easy to just throw on a dress since it doesn’t need much styling…
When did this dress-madness start?
When I was 19 years old I worked in a clothing shop and we dressed up a lot every day for work. I found that it was a lot more comfortable to wear a dress instead of trousers, and since we used to go out straight after work, it was the perfect outfit to transform from day to night. I wore dresses more and more and eventually, I thought, why not make it my thing?
Which one is your favorite?
The floral ruffle dress from Lanvin for H&M. I loved everything in the collection but decided to only focus on one dress since the designer collaborations are pretty difficult to get hold of…
Another favorite is the nude pink late 50’s silk dress with sequins and pearl beadings. It’s very special to me, I wore it to my brother’s wedding and I will probably never wear it again since it’s falling apart… I bought it from Beyond Retro. It’s pretty exquisite and unique!
Do you own any pants?
I have one pair of blue Whyred leopard slim trousers that I only wear with a jacket from Altewai Saome. So, yes, one pair!



It’s official!! Queen B, the one and only Beyonce will be the face of H&Ms summer campaign! The campsign is described as an epic fantasy, with glamour, drama and also a sense of paradise. Who run the world?!


I’m so excited to see this collection in stores on the 4th of April! H&M releases one Conscious Exclusive collection per year, and this time it seems every dress is just my taste. Common sense says I can’t buy all of them, but here are my three favorites.





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Saturday morning. On the side of my blueberries I’m reading the newest issue of Le Monde D’Hermés magazine. The photos are always so beautiful. Can’t wait to see the Hermes store here in stockholm when it reopens next thursday after the renovation!



I know, it’s been a while since I updated my tumblr but I promise I’m working on it! Check it our here.