– NUMERO 115 –

Photographer Liz Collins captures Barbara Palvins beauty in the new issue of Numéro Magazine. All credit to the styling, I think that the combination of a natural look with these spicy dresses is perfect. The gorgeous Hungarian model shines in creations by Roberto Cavalli, Lanvin and Gucci.


Dress all in one color, from topp to bottom, this autumn.


Today is one of thoes days, well, you know.. I’m really trying to wake up with a big latte and some magazines to inspire me.. But with this grey weather it must be impossible for anyone to wake up. Right?


I seem to have lost my ‘mojo’, feeling kinda uninspired, which never happens to me.. But as I was surfing the net I came across some pictures of the world’s most beautiful Brigette Bardot, an inspiring style icon in everyones eyes.


This autumn I’ll be looking for a pair of wide pants. Woundn’t these be perfect!?


We all know that New York is the worlds’ shopping-mecca, and the sores are just getting more and more desinged and special looking. Here is Lanvins’ store that just opened on Madison Avenue, looks like a dreamy walk-in-closet. Apparently the premiere opening of the store was before it was installed with electricity, so the corumers went shopping in candle light.. Wonderfull!