Last thursday, we at Details were invited for kick-off at Vasuma. Vasuma is a brand started by three swedish guys, they are mostly known for their sunglasses and bonnets with japanese carps on them, but they also have clothes and bags. The night was so much fun and ended with some bowling at Rock & Bowl, where we all got to show our mooves 😉

Beautiful Denise & Me


Love these sunnies from Chanel! GODDNESS. HOW. GORGEOUS.

Mary Kate Olsen


Last wednesday, Siham and I went to the sneak-premiere of Sex and the City 2. I loved the movie. I thought it was really good, we were constantly laughing and enjoying beautiful environments from Abu Dabi, and amazing fashion and styling. In the first scene, Carrie enters in the most gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes, goldy sparkles. Oh Carrie…!


Last Monday I was invited to a champaign evening at the Agent Provocateur store on BirgerJarlsgatan. They served small canapés and champaign and showed the new collection which was super hot (of course). A bit of mingling and a bit of champaign then lead to…
…some shopping!


Today I recieved a bouquet sent to my office! Magical roses!
‘From an edmirer’ said the card… I wonder whom that could be…..?

– Sex and the City 2 –

I’m so excited for tonight! Yesterday I got two tickets to the new Sex and the City movie, and tonight I’m going with Siham to see the sneak-premiere! I can’t wait to see how the story will turn this time.. We’ve all seen bits and pieces on the trailors, and I’m sure it will be FABULOUS! I always get so inspired by ‘happy’ romantic movies full of fashion-experiments and cocktails!! I’ll tell you more about it after the movie, so for now we can enjoy these amazing pictures of Carrie and Mr.Big for the june issue of Vogue.


In the latest issue of Numero, Anja Rubik is featured in some fantastic shots. I get a feeling of warm sumer day..


When it comes to mixing a great sense of fashion and raw beauty, you can’t find anyone better than spanish illustrater Manuel Rebollo. Ha uses very few and minimal colors but has an amazing feeling for details. If I could draw this well I would never take the pen off the paper!


Louis Vuitton has made an iPad cover. Available in two colors. Personally I like the brown one, with a risk of it being too much covering your iPad in LV…


The magazine LOVE, that I’ve written about earlier, has made a short fashion movie. What do you think? I like the music and the way they’ve mixed the black and white with colors. The clothes are also a plus of course.. All the clothes are from Prada.