See what amazingly beautiful pictures are in the May issue of Vogue Paris. The photographer, Steven Klein, must be the hottest in the fashion world right now. The model, Lily Donaldson really looks the best in his pictures. Wow!


Just received a mail from YSL.com. Check out all the new, and super fly, mens accessories!


Today has been a very fun but busy day at work! So much people in town on a sunny saturday! And I just keep finding more and more favorites among our sunglasses-assortment at Details… Here are some of my favorites..

Dior, my number 1!!

– SIH ’10 –

Schools out!… The last exam last thursday went well I think. I’m so looking forwards to my internship! But must admit that I’m nervous 😉 The last night with my class mates was a real hit, first ‘before party’ at the school, then party at K-Karaoke (sang until my voice was gone), then after-party at Ohlssons on Odengatan. I sure am going to miss the gang…


Today is a study-day, my last exam is tomorrow. Feels good knowing I’m almost done with school now! My stomach just started to rumble and that’s when I realized my fridge is empty. How do you make soup out of screws and nails? Speaking of nails.. Check out these Acne shoes!!


Oh what a sunny sunday.. Strawberry sunday….


Yesterday night was a real girls night! The dinner at Rolfs Kök was exquisite, as always, and very pleasent! Then we spent the rest of the night dancing at Berns… I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends.
Olivia & My
Me & Emelie


Tonight is girls night with Olivia, My and Emelie. First some drinks at my place, then dinner at Rolfs Kök, then we’ll see where the night takes us.. Some pics tomorrow maybe..? Have a lovely saturday night!


Dress H&M, leggings VOGUE, shoes TOD’S

This is the outfit of the day! I just found this picture of The Local Firms coming autumn kollection. They are also going for metallic-leggings 😉