See what beautiful rings and bracelets I found on Acnes homepage! Totally my style. I adore large ethno-chick jewelry.. Gorgeous, Acne!!


On the flight from Stockholm to Paris I made a small Fendi collage. I love shoes with lacing that you tie a bit up on your calf. Fendi is really paying attention to the trends and growing as a brand, must be because of Karl Lagerfeld who has designed Fendi’s latest collections.. Theses beauties can be yours for €1,150. Below you can see Fendi’s oh-so-beautiful campaign for summer 2010.


Yesterday night I walked around in one of my favorite pair of YSL shoes.. I felt sorry for them just laying there in a dark box for so long.. So I had to put them on and dance around a little in them. And I thought of all the crazy nights they’ve been through.. If only shoes could talk…


Daniel Jackson, when fashion photography is at it’s best..


Antonio Berardi
Many designers are now stuck on ‘the lingerie look, underwear as ‘outerwear’. A very sexy look. After John Galliano was one of the first ones with this look in his collections for Dior Couture and in his own collections, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Preen, and many more have been inspired to do the same. A little lace can go a long way..
Jean Paul Gautier, Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Preen


Inspiration from the streets of Paris.
Pictures via Google


Came home late last night, and I was really busy studying yesterday, both in Paris and on the plane. But it’s a good feeling writing a test and emptying all the info in your head. And I feel I did good on the exam today.
Now I’m allowing myself to have a cozy afternoon. Chic-flick, bloggin’ and magazine reading. Bought two magazines at the airport yesterday, L’Officiels ‘in memory of Alexander McQueen’ issue, and of course the new issue of Numéro. Ready to get cozy!
Oh by the way, forgot to say that we didn’t see the YSL exhibition last saturday. When we came to the museum the line was endless and the waiting time was more than two hours. But the exhibition will be there until August, so why stress…


Today I’m going to the Grand Palais Museum to see the exhibition about Yves Saint Laurent’s life. It will be a mix of his own original drawings and his masterpieces (with masterpieces I mean his clothes). Oh I’m so excited!! I’ll bring my camera so I can show you the pics later 😉


I’m in Paris right now, sitting at the Hyatt Hotel, Thomas has some meetings, I’m in on my 8th cup of green tea (extremely small cups though) and making some collages of the Paris-shows.. Here is some inspiration from ‘the fashion capital’...
Chloésimple, stylish and beige. Typical Chloé.
YSL– Long blacks, and short colorful garments.
Versace– Lovely strong colors mixed with black.


Önske-outfit av Chloé SS2010
/Wish outfit, Chloé SS2010/